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cammsinsights is a flexible and easy to use self-service reporting and dashboarding tool to assist with effective analysis of your actions, measures, projects, risks, audits, incidents and other data you enter into your CAMMS Product Suite. It integrates seamlessly with all other CAMMS solutions, offering an intuitive, drag and drop interface which allows business users to design reports and dashboards effortlessly – regardless of technical ability.

Core features include 

  • Easy and flexible report / dashboard creation.

  • Rich library of visualisations.

  • Interactive drilldowns and drill-throughs.

  • Automated report/dashboard delivery.

  • Export to a variety of formats e.g. PDF, Excel, Word.

The product architecture of cammsinsights is as follows:

Data Sources (also referred to as data sets) sit on top of your CAMMS database and its data tables as shown in the above diagram. They are created by CAMMS to match with CAMMS product suite features and updated on an ongoing basis as features are added or modified. The reporting platform sourced via our technology partner Izenda (, sits on top of these datasets enabling you to use them in the creation of reports and dashboards. So in essence, cammsinsights is comprised of two components: datasets developed by CAMMS and the reporting platform provided by Izenda.

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