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If you or a user within your organisation.

  • adds or edits the visibility and/or label of a field from within your CAMMS applications or.

  • request CAMMS to carry out a label change to a field via script.

A dataset update must be performed before you can see these changes reflected within cammsinsights.

Example 1: You might add a new tickbox called ‘Priority Project’ into your Project Details screen within cammsproject. 

Example 2: You might ask CAMMS to run a script to rename the ‘Action' field to 'Initiative’.

Example: 3: CAMMS might inform you that they have added a new field called ‘Tags’ to your existing Action Details dataset.

These changes will only appear in your datasets after you perform the below steps. Furthermore, any reports which use the associated dataset (the one which has changed) will throw an error until you perform the below steps.

  • STEP 1: Go to Tools > Update Datasets and click on the Start Update button.

  • STEP 2: A timer will start. Wait a few minutes for the update to complete and click OK on the confirmation popup.

  • STEP 3: Go to Settings > Data Model > Stored Procedures. If any changes exist, the tab will display an orange exclamation mark as shown. Review the available stored procedures list and click on the one which has an orange exclamation mark next to it. Any field which no longer exists will be identified with a red mark denoting ‘Deleted’. Any field label which has just been defined will be denoted with a green mark denoting ‘New’.

In the below screenshot you can see that someone has edited the 'Risk Secondary Responsible Officers' field in cammsrisk and renamed it to 'Secondary Responsible Officers'. Therefore, the ‘Risk Secondary Responsible Officers’ field is identified as Deleted and the 'Secondary Responsible Officers' field is recognised as New.

  • STEP 4: Click the Execute button. All Visible and Filterable tickboxes should get ticked on automatically. Glance through the list and if any fields you require for reporting are not ticked on, please tick them on manually. Click Save. The red and green marks should now disappear. You will notice that the orange exclamation mark next to the respective dataset has also now disappeared. 



  • Don't forget to do the same for any other datasets that have changes (as denoted by the orange exclamation mark).

  • Reports which use a  modified field name will have to be edited - you will have to remove the old field and add in the new one with the correct label. Deleted fields will also need to be removed from any reports which uses it, else the reports will throw errors.

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