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Table of Contents

1. Overview

The Report Viewer page allows users to

  • view report in browser.

  • use quick edit mode to configure report part properties.

  • set up subscriptions.

  • print and export reports.

  • email report as a link, attachment or embedded HTML.

  • copy and move reports between categories.

  • view report history.

  • show and hide report header and footer.

2. View Report

In the Report Viewer, a Report is displayed in View mode in which state its design is un-editable. This is the most common way in which users will likely consume reports.

You may arrive at the Report Viewer in several ways:

  • You clicked on the name of the report from the Report List page.

  • You clicked on the Open button from the Report List page.

  • You received a link to the report via email - if you click that link you will arrive at the Report Viewer.

The buttons at the top allow you to:

  • Show and Hide Header & Footer in any report which contains these options.

  • Add Subscriptions (See in Report List).

  • Print (As explained in Report List).

  • Email (As explained in Report List).

  • Export to various formats.

  • Edit - has several options.

  • Save - choose save (to save new filter selections) or save as (to save as a new copy).

  • Close the Report and return to the Report List.

The only modification you can do to the report from the Report Viewer is to adjust any filters if you have permission to do so and use Save to save the changes to the original report or Save as to save it as a new report.

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