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Table of Contents

1. Overview

This area allows you to view controls linked to the user, where the user is responsible as a control owner or the authoriser. The control list will be ordered by criticality (most overdue by control next review at top). In the event the next review date is not used, it will be sorted by control title alphabetically. 

The control title, control type and next review date are displayed in the default view of the list of controls.

  • To filter, click on the Filter button at the top right-hand corner of the section.

The following filters will be available.



Control Title

A text box that will allow you to perform a key word search on control title you are responsible for. This is a key word search and therefore, by entering a part of the control title you will be able to filter out all controls that contain the typed characters anywhere in the title.

Control Owner

Dropdown that lists all staff for you to search by Control Owner.

Control Type

Dropdown selection that will allow you to filter by control type.

Control Owner Rating

Dropdown that lists the ratings for you to search the controls by owner rating.

  • Once you enter the search criteria, click on the Search button to filter details. Click on the Clear button to clean filter criteria entered.

  • Ticking Save as Default option will save the current search as default for the current logged in user.

  • To collapse the filters, click on the Filter button again and the section will be hidden from view.


The fields and filters shown in the quick update can be enabled from Control field configurations area accessed via Camms.Risk Menu > Framework > Control Settings > Field Configurations via the Quick Update column.

2. Control Update

To carry out a Control update via the My Quick Update page:

  • STEP 1: Expand the Control by clicking on the More Details Button adjacent to the record.

  • STEP 2: The following screen will be displayed for you to update the progress of Controls.


Note: Any Control field, Documents tab, and Links tabs will not be displayed in Risk Controls accessed via My Quick Update, if the Unique per Record tick box is checked in Control Settings > Field Configuration, for a Control Field in the Details subtab, Documents subtab, or Links subtab. It will only be displayed if accessed via the Control Grid within a risk.

2.1 Control Details

  • STEP 3: Add or edit the fields displayed if necessary.


Notes: In the My Controls expanded view an Orgnisational Links column will be displayed to provide insight of the organisational nodes that are associated to the linked risks.

  • The Organisational Links column is currently applicable only for customers using the new 'Flexible Security' feature.

  • The Organisational Links column will give you insight to the organisational nodes that are associated to the linked risks.

  • If a linked risk is linked to multiple hierarchy nodes, then the Organisational Links column will display all nodes in a comma separated view. In the event, there are no linkages, this column will display as N/A.

  • STEP 4: Click the Save button to save any changes made to the record.

2.1.1 Linked Record Type and Title Fields

  • The Linked Record Type column will help identify if the assigned record is a Control Template, a control linked to a risk or a Control linked to a Compliance. This is because a Control Template can now be maintained as a standalone template with Control Owner and Control Authorizer or as a linked Control to Risk/Compliance with Control owners and Control Authorisers.

  • The Linked Record Title column will help identify the relevant Risk or Compliance that the particular control is linked with.

  • If the Control Template and the Controls linked to Risk/Compliance records are assigned with the same Control Owner / Control Authoriser, the same Control Title will appear multiple times within the My Quick Update page. This can be differentiated using the 'Linked Record Type' and 'Linked Record Title' fields.

  • The behaviour of Unique and Common fields are applicable to the Control Detail and Control Record Detail page popups within My Quick Update. See article Framework – Control Settings under title ‘Unique Per Record' for more details.

2.2 Documents

This page enables users to manage and attach documents or URLs relevant to the selected control record.

  • STEP 1: To add a new document, click on Add New button to attach any document or a URL for a document specific to the selected control record.

The visibility of this tab within the more details page will be based on the configuration (Access field configuration area via Main Menu > Control Settings > Field Configuration > Documents [Show Tab should be switched ‘ON’ for visibility]).

Users can expand the sections within the tab by clicking on the downward arrow, allowing them to view details related to various linkages.

  • STEP 1: To add a new linkage, click on the Add New button and select the type of linkage required from the dropdown menu options.

  • STEP 2: click on Save button to save all the records.

2.4 Control Assessment

This tab reflects the linkages between a survey and a control. If a control is linked to a survey, that information will be visible in the control assessment tab, providing a comprehensive overview of the relationships between surveys and controls.

The visibility of this tab within the more details page will be based on the configuration (Access field configuration area via Main Menu > Control Settings > Field Configuration > Control Assessment [Show Tab should be switched ‘ON’ for visibility]).

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