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1. Overview

This page enables the Reassign Staff Responsibilities area to be accessible for customers who only have access to Camms.Risk (this was previously available only in the Camms.Strategy product), and will further extend its coverage to include transferable responsibilities in the Camms.Risk Incident and Camms.Risk Compliance modules as well.

1.1 Permissions

1.1.1 Static user permission

This page will be accessible for users with ‘Administrator’ or ‘Risk Manager’ permissions within ‘Manage Users’ (accessed via main Menu > Administration > Users > Manage users) page.

1.1.2 Flex user permission

The ‘Reassign Staff Responsibilities’ permission will appear under ‘Administration’, under the ‘Risk’ product, within the ‘Role Management’ area. Users with access to the Role Management area can configure permissions via Menu > Administration > Role Management > [New icon / Edit icon of an existing role] > Product [Select Risk] > Risk > Administration > Reassign Staff Responsibilities.

1.2 Navigation

Once the above configuration is done, you will be able to access a new page called ‘Reassign Staff Responsibilities’, which can be accessed via Menu > Administration > Reassign Staff Responsibilities.

2. Reassigning Staff Responsibilities

2.1 Accessing staff responsibilities

To access staff responsibilities follow the below steps:

  • STEP 1: Select the user whose responsibilities you wish to transfer using the ‘Responsibilities From’ area.

  • STEP 2: Clicking on the ‘Responsibilities From’ will open a popup window, where you can select the staff whose responsibilities you wish to transfer.

  • Once a staff member is selected, all responsibilities assigned to that user will appear in the grid below.

  • By default, responsibilities belonging to closed incidents will not be shown. If the ‘Show closed items (Incident)’ checkbox is checked, responsibilities belonging to closed records will appear. A prefix ‘Closed’ will appear on the responsibilities, which lets you distinguish the responsibilities among open records.


Note: Incident or a Compliance responsibility fields that have been marked as ‘Required for Integration’ in the Incident/Compliance Object Configuration, will be disabled from transferring to a different user.


Note: Certain responsibilities related to the Compliance module are important to maintain the integrity of the records' history. Therefore, these fields cannot be reassigned using ‘Reassign Staff Responsibilities’. A tooltip will explain the reason as ‘This field is disabled because it is related to the history of the item’ in such situations.

  • To reassign responsibilities from the selected user to another, there are two ways to do this. You can either reassign responsibilities individually or as a bulk.

2.1.1 Reassigning responsibilities individually

  • STEP 3A.1: Click on the None button against each responsibility within the ‘Assign To’ column.

  • STEP 3A.2: Select your preferred staff in the list to inherit the responsibilities. With this individual assignment feature you can assign different responsibilities to different staff members.

2.1.2 Reassigning responsibilities in bulk

  • STEP 3B.1: Transfer all responsibilities or one/several responsibility types from one user to another in one go using the bulk option. You can use the ‘Bulk Reassignment’ option by selecting a user under the Bulk Reassignment button at the top-right corner of the window.

  • STEP 3B.2: Click on Save to reassign all responsibilities for the selected user.

  • STEP 3B.3: To reassign responsibilities by type, select the type by clicking on the Select Responsibility Type button.


Note: If an Incident or Compliance related object or fields are hidden/deleted using ‘Object Configuration’, then these fields will not appear under ‘Reassign Staff Responsibilities’.

  • Until you click Save, the status of the selected responsibilities will be ‘Pending to Save’.

  • STEP 3B.4: Click on the Save button, for the responsibilities to be reassigned to the selected user selected in the ‘Assign To’ area. Once saved, the status will change to ‘Successfully Transferred’.

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