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1. Risk Appetite Benchmark

The Appetite Benchmark values against each category can be defined here if the feature is enabled for you. 

  • STEP 1: To define a new criteria record, enter a name and a numerical value for the criteria which will be the benchmark. This value will be used to determine the appetite rating comparison with the risk score for the risk. Click on Add to save.

  • STEP 2: To edit an existing item, click on the Edit button. Once edited the record, click on the Save button.


Note: Use the adjacent Edit button to edit or Delete button to delete a saved record. You will not be allowed to delete a value if there are linked risks to it. Hence please make sure to remove all linkages from within the risk prior to deleting a criteria value.

See article Risk Appetite Configuration for more details.

2. Risk Appetite Rating Type

In this section, you can define and edit your risk appetite benchmarks, including their values, as well as customize risk appetite rating types, such as name, image, and color.


Note: These tabs are editable only when the 'Enable Risk Appetite' toggle is switched ON.


Note: Use the adjacent Edit button to edit a saved record.

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