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The Framework menu includes the settings which are the key configuration areas of the system. From editing your risk matrix, to configuring the fields, you can access the Framework menu from the Top Menu Navigation icon dropdown.

Risk Settings provides users with the ability to adjust various settings used for Strategic, Operational, Project, and Corporate risks. It comprises a range of screens which can be utilised by the Risk Manager or Administrator using static permission structure or any user with necessary permissions under the flexible permission structure to define variables and criteria utilised in the risk assessment process.

To access the settings page, go to Menu > Framework > Risk Settings.

The following can be configured using 'Risk Settings':

Tab Name


Risk Types

Define multiple risk types for hierarchical organisation.


Enable users to set up the calculations for Initial, Current and Future risk assessments.


Set risk appetite benchmarks and ratings.

Risk Rating Type

Allows definition of risk ratings based on your risk matrix.

Standard Role

Manage predefined inherited roles and permissions


Enable users to set up the calculations for Initial, Current and Future risk assessments.

Risk Aggregation

Link related risks for ratings and auto reevaluation.


Define categories for enhanced filtering, analysis and reporting.


Setup different risk treatment types.

Risk Code

Setup an automatic numbering system for risk assessments.

Bow Tie

Manage causes and consequences for Risk Assessment

Field Configuration

Customise the fields which are made visible within the different phases of risk assessments.

Register Configuration 

Customise the fields and filters which are made visible within the different registers of risk types 

Risk Templates

Define templates to save time when creating large numbers of assessments.


Configure the approval process for risk types

Display Text

Customise labels and placeholders within the product

Review Frequency

Setup custom frequencies which can be used for email notifications and alerts.

Custom Lists

Customise the dropdown list available in the Risk Fields area.

Consequence Table

Setup a consequence reference grid.

Likelihood Table

Setup a likelihood reference grid.

View details of each Risk Setting in the following pages:

View more details under the following sections:

Child pages (Children Display)

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