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This settings pages lets you define risk templates with details that can be utilised during a risk setup common across the organisation, when creating large number of assessments. Additionally, you can duplicate or remove a template from the list.

  • STEP 1: Click Risk Templates settings under the Risk Settings.

  • STEP 2: Click the New button icon to create a new risk template.

  • STEP 3: Define a name for your template and enter all data that will be common to the risks your users will be creating.


Note: The template is only restricted to these fields that are displayed currently.

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  • STEP 4: Click the Save button to save details.

Within risk assessments, this appears as a button which pops up a window to display the available templates when clicked. Users can click on the desired template to make their selection which will populate their blank risk assessment with data.

You can duplicate the existing template by clicking the Duplicate button. To delete, click on the Delete button.


Note: This area will be improved and enhanced in the future via Camms.Risk roadmap to reflect the field configurations you set up via Field Configuration under Risk Settings.

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