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Table of Contents

1. Overview

This area allows you to build your staff list which will essentially be linked to the responsible officer/staff dropdown list fields within Camms.Risk and Camms.Risk Incident products to allow the allocation of responsibilities to be assigned to individual officers.

2. Static Hierarchy Users

To define a new Staff member follow the steps below.

  • STEP 1: Go to Menu > Administration > Staff. All existing staff will appear on the left hand side listing.

  • STEP 2: Click on the New button.

  • STEP 3: Enter the basic details such as name and position as well as contact details like phone and email address.


Note: A valid email address will ensure that staff receive automatic email notifications generated via the system.

  • STEP 4: Define the Directorate or Business Unit which the new staff member is attached to. Defining these organisation links allows the system to recognise what Directorate or Business Unit they belong to and displays information relevant to them, as well as allows editing ability if you are allocated a Director or Manager of that Business Unit/ Directorate area.

  • STEP 5: Click on the Image placeholder if you want to associate an image with this entity. There is a default image that will give a colour with their initials if no image is selected.

  • STEP 6: The ‘Show in IRM’ check box is used to activate/deactivate the user within the system. If the check box is ticked off then this staff member's name will not appear in the Responsible Officer dropdown lists throughout the system. However, if the staff record still has active links in the system, the system will not allow you to untick this box (a message will appear telling you this).

  • STEP 7: Click the Save button to save the new staff member.

Use the edit icon or the Delete buttons to modify or delete a saved record respectively. Remember that you will not be able to delete any records that are linked and have mandatory dependencies.


Tip: After a staff member is added to the system, assign a User login and security role via Manage Users area. Refer the Staff Management area for more information.

3. Flex Hierarchy Users

For users in the flexible hierarchy permission structure, the following permissions will be required to be enabled to access this page and add, edit, or delete staff members:

Camms.Risk Menu > Administration > Role Management > [Product = CAMMSRISK] > [Enable Permissions = Administration > Staff > View/Add/Edit/Delete].

To define a new Staff member follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: In the Details tab follow all steps as in the Static Hierarchy Users steps above, and save details.


Note: The 'Organisational Link' dropdown will not be displayed for flex hierarchy users. An 'Assign Role' tab will be displayed instead.

  • STEP 2: Once details are saved in the 'Details' tab, an 'Assign Role' tab, will be displayed to fill in hierarchy and node details. Click on the Add New button to add details.

  • STEP 3: Select the Hierarchy, which will filter 'Hierarchy Level' details, which will then filter 'Hierarchy Nodes' to be selected for the user.


Note: If a user's Register permissions is selected as 'View Node Only' (under Camms.Risk Menu > Administration > Role Management), then only the records selected under the Hierarchy Nodes will be displayed for these users.

  • STEP 4: Select the Product and then select the Roles that are created for that product, to assign to the user. The Roles displayed, will be created under Camms.Risk Menu > Administration > Role Management (see article Permissions and Staff Management under title 'Risk – Flex Permissions' for details on the different roles for Camms.Risk and article Administration – Role Management, for details on creating and amending roles).


Note: Roles displayed for a selected Product, will be displayed based on which product the role was saved under last, in the Role Management area (Camms.Risk Menu > Administration > Role Management).

  • Under Administration > Role Management, a role named 'Super Admin' is created with permissions for the Product 'INCIDENT'.

  • The 'Super Admin' role is then added permissions for the Product 'CAMMSRISK' and saved.

  • Under the Administration > Staff page in the 'Assign Role' tab, after filling in details, the Product is selected as 'INCIDENT'. In the Roles section, the newly created role 'Super Admin' will NOT be listed.

  • Under the Administration > Staff page in the 'Assign Role' tab, after filling in details, the Product is selected as 'CAMMSRISK'. In the Roles section, the newly created role 'Super Admin' will be listed here.

  • This is listed only under the product CAMMSRISK and not under product INCIDENT, since it was last saved under the CAMMSRISK product in 'Role Management'.

  • STEP 5: Save details by clicking on the Save button once done.

  • STEP 6: Roles can be edited and deleted as well in the 'Assign Role' tab, if the Edit and Delete permissions are given under Administration > Role Management > [Product = CAMMSRISK] > [Enable Permissions = Administration > Staff.

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