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This settings page lets you define review frequency types available for selection in the risk review tab, to generate the next review date and for review email notifications to be sent out. The type will decide what kind of frequency it is (weekly, monthly, etc.) and the type count will decide the number of times the review is done for the selected type.

Additionally, the risk frequency can be automated based on the risk type (once it is configured by the Administrator).

  • STEP 1: To set up frequencies, click the Review Frequency menu item.

  • STEP 2: You can select how the 'Next Review Date' (NRD) is calculate based on two options.

  • Review Due Date (set by default): This option will calculate the NRD as [Previous NRD + Review Frequency].

  • Actual Review Completion Date: This option will calculate the NRD as [Current Date + Review Frequency].


Example: The Previous Next Review Date is populated as 20-May-2021 and Review Frequency is Monthly. You do the review on 05-Jul-21.

  • Review Due Date option: The new NRD will populate as 20-May-21 + 1 month = 20-Jun-21.

  • Actual Review Completion Date option: The new NRD will populate as 05-Jul-21 + 1 month = 05-Aug-21.

See article Risk Assessment under section 'Risk Review' for details on how this will be implemented.

  • STEP 3: To define a Click on Add New Button, new frequency, enter a 'Name' and select the frequency 'Type' (whether it is reviewed weekly, monthly or quarterly, etc).

  • STEP 4: Specify the ‘Type Count’ and the 'Sequence'.
    ‘Type Count’ indicates how often a review needs to happen as per the frequency type. If the ‘type count’ is 1 for frequency type ‘Week’ then reviews must occur once a week. The position indicates the sequence this item appears within the dropdown selection in the ‘Risk Review’ tab of Risk Assessments.
    You can activate the frequency Status by toggling the switch. Only active frequencies will be available for selection.

  • STEP 5: Click the Add button at the bottom.


Note: To edit or delete an existing Review Frequency item, click the Edit/Delete button next to the Frequency and edit or delete an already existing item.

  • STEP 6: Click the Save button at the top of the page to save details.


Note: Additionally, you can set the default selection of the Review Frequency to be displayed in the Risk Review screen from the Administration > Configurations area.

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