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Define the risk categories and sub categories to be displayed in the respective risk type. The Identification categories are populated in the category drop down, and the Consequence categories are used when selecting the consequence/impact of a risk.  Additionally, you may add an appetite benchmark value if this is activated.

  • STEP 1: Click the Categories tab.

  • STEP 2: To define a new Category record, click Add New, Type in a name and description in the text boxes provided.

  • STEP 3: Click the Add button to save details.

  • STEP 4: By using the Risk Identification area you can map Risk categories to different risk types for identification. Only the selected categories will appear within the risk detail screen (primary category/secondary category dropdowns).

  • STEP 7: By Clicking the Risk Consequence Checkbox it will define a risk category as a consequence category for the risk type. Only the selected categories for the risk type will be displayed in the consequence table in end user’s view.

  • STEP 8: By Clicking the Risk Mandatory in Consequence Selection checkbox it will define a risk category as a mandatory entity needing this user to select a consequence rating for the risk type. 

  • STEP 9: If the Risk Appetite feature is enabled for you, this area will have an additional column 'Appetite Benchmark' available showing all appetite criteria values you have added at 'Criteria' section above. You will be able to select and assign a benchmark value for each category.

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