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1. Risk Criteria

This settings page lets you define your risk criteria and its values such as likelihood and consequence/impact, which will be used when completing a risk assessment. Each option within the criteria necessitates an associated value, which is later utilized to determine the risk score. (see details under the ‘Calculations’ setting).

  • STEP 1: Select the Criteria tab.

  • STEP 2: To define a new criteria record, click Add New, fill in fields including Risk Criteria Name, Field Type Name, Formula Code, and Sequence. This description will display when users hover their cursor over this in the risk assessment area where the selection for this criteria record will be made.

  • STEP 3: Under Visibility, select the assessment phases for which risk rating calculations the criteria should be used. For example, Likelihood and Consequence are often used for initial assessments, whereas Effectiveness of Controls is also often used in the current assessment (along with Likelihood and Consequence) when completing a review.


Note: While the 'Making the criteria non-compulsory' setting is ON, If the visibility of criteria is configured for a specific risk assessment stage and the same criteria is not used under the calculation configuration, the criteria is shown as an optional field in the user's rating grid.

  • STEP 4: The Sort field indicates the positioning of the Risk Criteria in the available assessment phases. If two or more fields have the same ‘Sort’ value, they will appear in alphabetical order.


Note: If the Sort value is given as 1, then the Risk Criteria field will display in the X-axis in the heat map grid. And if the Sort value is given as 2, then the field will display in the Y-axis on the heat map.

  • STEP 5: Click the Add button to save.

  • STEP 6: To edit an existing item, click on the Edit button. Click the Save button to save details, or click the Cancel button to cancel any changes.

When a Risk Criteria record is saved, the name turns into a hyperlink which can be clicked to navigate directly to its Risk Criteria Rating screen.


Note: Use the Adjacent buttons to Edit or Delete a saved record. You will not be allowed to delete a value if there are linked risks to it. Hence please make sure to remove all linkages from within the risk prior to deleting a criteria value.

2. Criteria Configuration

Here you can define multiple risk criteria ratings with corresponding values and descriptions. Ensure you know how to configure these values accurately as they, along with the formulas entered in the Risk Calculations area, determine how your risk ratings are generated. If you are unsure how to enter these, use the default values provided by Camms.

  • STEP 1: To define a risk criteria rating, select the Criteria name on the dropdown you want to enter.

You will be taken into the value items. To add a new item, Click Add New and enter a name, value and a rating description.

  • STEP 2: Click the Add button at the bottom once you have entered in a new item.

  • STEP 3: You can also decide between Ascending and Descending for the display order of the values and this will be used in any area where the criteria values are shown in the application to determine the order in which they are shown.

  • STEP 4: To edit an item, click on the Edit button. Once you are done editing, click the Save button.

  • STEP 5: Click the Save button to save any changes made or click the Cancel button to cancel any changes.


Note: Use the adjacent Edit button or Delete button to delete a saved record.

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Risk Settings

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