Risk Administration – Email Server Configuration

The email server configurations can be setup from this section.

Figure 1.1

You can either use the Camms inbuilt email server or opt to use your own server. When the Camms server option is used, the below details will be prefilled based on the server configurations and properties. If you are using your own email server, then the below details need to be configured: 

  • From Address: This defines the address from which the emails auto generated and sent from Camms.Risk should come from

  • STMP Server: The STMP server name

  • SMTP Username and Password

  • SMTP Port and whether/not SSL is enabled for the email server

Note: This configuration once set, will apply to the Camms Risk, Incident, Compliance, and Audit modules. However, if you are using any of these modules as a standalone system, please contact Camms Support in order to configure this setup for your organisation.

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