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Table of Contents

1. Overview

My Risk Actions section will list all Risk Actions that you are responsible for, ordered by Action ID and ordered by criticality (most overdue by end date at top).

For each risk action the following data is displayed by default.




Action title. Clicking the link will navigate you to the Risk Action details screen.

Responsible Officer

All the Responsible Officers will be displayed in the dropdown.

Progress Comment

The latest progress comment is displayed here. You can do any updates as required.


Editable Action status progress drop down displaying the latest action status.

Percent Complete

Editable action percent complete displaying the latest action progress.


The progress line will show how far in progress they are in completing their action from start to finish.

  • To filter, click on the Filter button at the top right-hand corner of the section.

The following filters will be available.



Risk Type

Lists all risk types; Strategic, Operational, Project and Corporate. Selecting a Risk Type will display only risks that are of the selected type. Defaults to 'Show all'.

Last changed

Dropdown that lists a predefined time frames; i.e. over a week ago, over a month ago, over 3 months ago etc. Selecting a time frame will display all Risk Actions that has been updated within the time frame specified. Defaults to 'Show all'.

Hide Completed

Ticking this will exclude all completed actions from the list. Unticked by default.

  • Once you enter the search criteria, click on the Search button to filter details. Click on the Clear button to clean filter criteria entered.

  • Ticking Save as Default option will save the current search as default for the current logged in user.

  • To collapse the filters, click on the Filter button again and the section will be hidden from view.

2. Risk Action Update

To carry out an action update via Risk My Quick Update page;

  • STEP 1: Expand Risk Action by clicking on the More Details Button adjacent to the record.

  • STEP 2: The following screen will be displayed for you to update the progress of the risk mitigation action.

2.1 Risk Action Details

This "Risk Action Details" page displays configured Risk Action fields visible in the My Quick Update area. Users can access these settings via Main Menu > Risk Settings > Field Configuration > Action > Details > [Checked fields in ‘Visible in Actions Details’ column]).

  • STEP 1: Change start and end dates and reporting frequency if necessary (and if you have the security to do so).

  • STEP 2: Enter an explanatory comment about the progress of the item, choose a status and enter percent complete.


Notes: In the My Risk Actions expanded view an Orgnisational Links column will be displayed to provide insight of the organisational nodes that are associated to the linked risks.

  • The 'Organisational Links' column is currently applicable only for customers using the new 'Flexible Security' feature.

  • The 'Organisational Links' column will give you insight to the organisational nodes that are associated to the linked risks.

  • If a linked risk is linked to multiple hierarchy nodes, then the ‘Organisational Links’ column will display all nodes in a comma separated view. In the event, there are no linkages, this column will display as N/A.

3.2 Email

Enables users to send emails related to the selected risk action to other staff members within the organisation.

Title of the email will be auto populated with the name of the Risk Action and Click Send to send the email.

Click the Save button to save any changes made to the record.


Tip: Please refer to the common icons to use the icons effectively, when you are updating individual or multiple records.


There are specific business rules based on an action status in order for it to save successfully:

  • Setting a Status of ‘Not started’ will automatically set the percentage to 0%.

  • Setting a Status of 'ongoing' will automatically set the percentage to be blank (no progress to be determined).

  • Setting a Status of ‘Complete’ will automatically set the percentage complete to 100%. When the status is set to complete, completed date field will be enabled allowing you to enter the actual date of completion. This will be auto-populated to the date on which you change the status from any to 'Completed' but you can change this and save as well. This may be mandatory/optional depending on the configurations done by your Administrator.

  • You will not be able to modify the Percent Complete for ‘Not started’, ‘Ongoing’ or ‘Completed’ Statuses. However, an ‘IN PROGRESS’ or ‘DEFERRED’ status will show a % complete that is editable. This field may have a number added between 1 and 100 only.

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