Report Designer/Format

1. Overview

The Report Designer/Format page allows users to

  • layout and format report header and footer.

  • enter report title and description.

2. Add and Configure Items in Report Header and Footer Layout

In the Report Designer, click Format in the left menu.

Tick Report Header & Footer check-box in the Middle Panel to enable the Report Header and Report Footer sections with their default layout.

Figure 2.1

2.1 Add Item Pop-up

Add a new item using the Add Item button or drag the item type from the Middle Panel into the Report Header or Report Footer.

If using Add Item button: a Add Item pop-up will be displayed - select an item type from the drop-down box and click OK to close it.

Figure 2.1.1

If using drag and drop: the new item will appear in the position you dropped it.

Click on the newly-added item to open Format Properties panel on the right hand side.

Configure the properties in General Info group.

For an Image:

  • Give the image a unique name.

  • Enter the image url.

  • The dimensions.

For a Text item:

  • Give the item a unique name.

  • Enter a value to display.

  • Format the item.

For a Date Time, Page Number, Horizontal Rule or Vertical Rule item:

  • Give the item a unique name.

  • The value is read-only and has already been fixed as {currentDateTime}, {pageNumber}, {horizontalRule} or {verticalRule}.

Note: System Variables and expressions can be used as values of these items.

Configure the properties in Item Formatting group.

For Date Time and Page Number:

  • Choose a display format.

Items in Report Header and Footer can be:

  • resized vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

  • dragged around.

  • deleted.

Note: Headers will not repeat on subsequent pages if your Exporting Orientation is set to landscape.

3. Enter Report Title and Description

Tick Report Title & Description check-box in Middle Panel to display Title and Description textboxes.

Enter the title and description.

Configure the properties in Item Formatting group.

Click Save at the top.